Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"flying girl gets a gift, or i am enough": by rowena murillo

oh, rowena. this is a goodie. don't we all need this reminder on a daily basis? we are enough, just as we are, flaws and all. that's just life, you know? no one is perfect, but we are all exactly as we are supposed to be. rowena knows how to tell it like it is. :)

here are rowena's words about 'flying girl gets a gift, or i am enough

when i thought of abundance, the idea that came to mind is that we already are abundant. we don't have to buy things or have lots of friends or be cooler than everyone else or put other people down or make a lot of money or be famous in order to be good enough.

we are already enough in our imperfect, amazing selves.

rowena authors a couple *lovely* blogs that i think you will really enjoy:
warrior girl and small and heartfelt

please go visit her and give her some love!

*thank you, rowena! your artwork is beautiful, as are you.* :)


  1. I do! Rowena is splendiferous! :)

  2. So awesome to see Rowena's work here and I for the record...this piece is mine :) Just kidding, it is one of my favorites though!

  3. Your blog is my new favorite :)

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Rowena and for starting this blog, Jess! It has encouraged me to start a journey..

  5. I'm so glad you all like Rowena's work! I think she's just wonderful. And I'm glad you like Pecannoot, too-- it's all for you, so let me know if there's anything/anyone you'd like to see here!

  6. I love pecannoot, Jess, although I have trouble spelling it all the time. It is so inspiring, and I can see myself paying attention to abundance more.

    I believe you are setting something into motion. Something big and abundant. Thanks so much for featuring me.

  7. Oh, rowena and flying girl are awesome. They inspire me every day.