Wednesday, February 18, 2009

abundance & immortality: by liz kalloch

i am *beyond thrilled* to begin expanding pecannoot to include images of abundance from other artists with this beautiful piece by liz kalloch. liz is just as sweet as can be, and her artwork is truly spectacular. what makes it even more spectacular in my mind is the thought put into it.

in liz's own words, here is a description about her work and the piece above in particular:

most of my work is created with an underlying sense of the symbolism of the images depicted. so in this piece, a peony which in chinese culture is a symbol of wealth, abundance and honours, is also linked to the mineral cinnabar, which directly translated means the medicine of immortality. in ancient times, people in both china and europe ate cinnabar - a red sulphide of mercury - to rejuvenate the complexion, "giving the skin the sheen of the sun". The peony, linked to cinnabar, was seen as a symbol of re-birth, re-generation, kind of like the phoenix in the flames.

for me this piece is about remembering that there is abundance and wealth and even a bit of immortality in a life lived with as much purpose and positivity and open-handed sharing as possible.

does it get any wiser and more gracious than that? goodness. what a lovely way to be in the world.

liz has this piece for sale as a print in her etsy shop, so hop on over if you would like to own it as a reminder to live abundantly. you can also see much more of liz's inspiring work on her blog athena dreams design and her website.

{a big thank you to liz! i'm so honored that you wanted to participate in my new endeavor.} :)


  1. this is so uplifting! gorgeous piece!

  2. i love all the symbolism in liz's piece. it's a beauty.

  3. i LOVE this place! pecannoot! wooooot! and liz's piece is a-mazing.

    keep on shining, love!

  4. very inspiring. Glad to find you, thanks to decor8!

  5. great idea for a blog and a great start to it with this piece and others.

    can't wait to check back in and see what's up!

  6. I love it here. I'm going to be coming here a lot. we all need as much positive vibes as we can get.

  7. beautiful, gorgeous work!! love the colors and hearing the story behind it is so great.