Thursday, April 30, 2009

i like being me: by clever violet

oh, melanie.

there is something about melanie's paintings that is really refreshing, and i can't quite figure out what it is.... maybe if you have a look around her flickr page and etsy shop you can put your finger on it?

melanie told me she was nervous to send this painting over, because it's very risqué for her (!!), but that she loves the painting and wanted to send it anyway. i say a big fat YES to being brave and putting something out there that feels a bit risky!

here's what melanie has to say about the idea of abundance:

"in my head it has to do with enjoying the things around you, and also enjoying who you are. i'm very often plagued with self-doubt, and as a woman, plagued with body issues as well, which inspired this silly painting."

we could start a whole other blog about self-doubt and body issues, i think! but for right now, let's appreciate ourselves just as we are.

*thanks for the reminder, melanie!*
to see more of her work, please visit her etsy shop and flickr page, where she works under the name clever violet.


  1. This is so good! I think it deserves to be hung in the bathroom where you might spend time just like this- naked. and to remind yourself that what you see in the mirror is okay.

    thanks so much for being brace meanie! this is great.

  2. Great piece, Melanie. Sometimes our best work is when we go out on a limb.

  3. I love this!!!! I think we can't get enough positive reminders on body image :) Thanks Melanie for sharing!!!!