Tuesday, May 26, 2009

abundance: by elizabeth chapman

hello!! i'm back from boulder, and i had such a lovely long weekend and time with my family. (if you want to see a few photos from the trip, check out my other blog...)
i hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend!

i'm starting off the week here on pecannoot with this lovely painting titled "abundance" by elizabeth chapman-- so pretty, yes? there's something about flowers that makes it easy to appreciate the wonder and perfection of nature, and i love the energy that elizabeth painted into them as well (particularly in that aqua color on the right.)

you can find more of elizabeth's work on her website and blog.

*thank you, elizabeth!*


  1. I like the combination of these deep but bright colors!!!

  2. Really gorgeous. Fuschias remind me of my childhood- I loved popping them!