Friday, May 29, 2009

wish upon a star: by jess gonacha

i can't remember the last time i went outside and layed down to look at the stars. doesn't that sound fantastic? i just might have to do that tonight.

this post is just a little reminder to go for your dreams. and don't forget to ask the universe for them! you can even wish upon a star if it helps. :)

i hope you have a delightful weekend, my dears! i'll see you here on monday.

ps- if you haven't been over to my other blog, i posted my wedding animation yesterday.... i thought you might like to see it!


  1. Love this piece, hope you spot a shooting star tonight!

  2. Oh Jess! I love this! I think this may be my favorite!

  3. Your awesome Jess! I love your animation!!!
    It is AMAZING!

  4. oh this is so beautiful! i really really love it!

    i wish on a stars often but a reminder never hurts :)

  5. Oh Jess, you've really outdone yourself! This is so wonderful! I hope you have a delightful weekend as well :)

  6. What a nice idea to lay in the grass and watch the stars. Unfortunately, I'm so allergic to mosquitoes, and so attractive to them, if I did that, I would end up covered in dozens of bites and itch for days.

    But I like your paintings.

  7. Very beautiful Jess! I love this piece :).