Thursday, May 7, 2009

lucky heron: by betsy thompson

betsy betsy betsy, how do you do it? your images are just too gorgeous! this piece, called 'lucky heron,' makes me want to have a symbol in my life that represents abundance and good luck.

there was a time just before the new year when ryan and i were walking along the coastal cliffs in california, looking out over the ocean and talking about how we wanted to be in our lives, and we were talking about living in the moment. we were saying we needed a reminder of some sort, and a pelican flew by just at that moment. so he said "how about a pelican?" i thought it was perfect, and we decided that we would have little drawings of pelicans all over our house, to remind us. but then we never did it. we forgot. or got busy. or whatever we all do to get stuck back in the routine.

perhaps now is the time to bring that pelican reminder into our lives. do you have a symbol that represents something for you? a reminder, a good luck charm, a memory....

make sure you check out betsy's etsy shop and flickr page, too- her work is pure joy!


  1. Too coincidental! I am working on a heron pattern as I write. Cool!

  2. My 3 year old loved her shop. That's a compliment. He has very good taste in art. I might be raising an art critic. Or perhaps an art collector. He's afraid of drawing for some reason right now, but I'm working on it.