Wednesday, November 11, 2009

love: by aimee dolich of artsyville

You know what I think is amazing? That someone of I've never met in person (Aimee), who lives in Lawrence, Kansas, a place I've never been, saw this door with the word love scrawled across it as she was walking around her town, and she thought of me. Then, she took the extra step to email me the photo she took of the door, because she thought it was a perfect image for Pecannoot. WOW.

What would we do without the internet? There are so many people out there that I feel are my dear friends that I've never met in person! (Aimee is one of them, obviously.) :) And without the internet, the probability of my ever even knowing these wonderful people exist is pretty much zero. Amazing.

So, thank you to Aimee for sending this photo over, and if you don't already read Aimee's blog, Artsyville, I highly recommend it! It's one of the most colorful and inspiring places in blogland, in my opinion. (And if you remember from way back, Aimee did a fantastic illustrated interview for us here!)

*Big thanks and big hugs, Aimee! I hope to meet for real one day!*


  1. just thought i'd send a little love your way! i hope to meet you too someday, jess. thanks for being a shining star in so many of my days. xo

  2. I know, right? There is so much to be grateful for. I love that story and I love Amy's work and your work and I love the love doors!

  3. so much to love about aimee. even her name. it could have been spelled at least five other ways, but it was spelled the love way. neat.

  4. this is a totally gorgeous picture! it is amazing to see how the internet connects us. i've never visited aimee's blog, but i am happy to have discovered it through you. thanks! ♥kaileenelise

  5. Don't meet Aimee without me! I'm hugely inspired by her & we've been connecting through Facebook, too. Yay interwebs!