Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The True Living Project: Sabrina Ward Harrison

I just watched the most beautiful thing. Sabrina Ward Harrison's True Living Project. If there is one thing you do for yourself today, please let it be spending 6 minutes and 37 seconds to watch this beautiful and touching video. I wanted to post it here but wasn't able, so if you just click here you 'll go directly to her site to watch.

These are some still images from Sabrina's portfolio that were part of the video. Sabrina somehow put into image and sound form the way I want my life to feel. Connected, touched, wondrous, miraculous, free, grateful, joyous.... It's incredible.

And here are some words about Sabrina's work, taken from her website:

Sabrina Ward Harrison makes images that collaborate with this living world - working with it, seeing into it, being inspired by it and creating for it. The landscape of our living is what she presents –- a landscape that unfolds through color, culture, depth of field and slanted light.

These images are created by collections of detail from the subject's surroundings –- details and specifics that define who they are and search for their essential spirit. Intimate details and pieces of life, all in harmony with each other - at times glorious, sometimes discordant but always whole.

The essence of Harrison's work is a search for the living human spirit –- a quest she undertakes with her hands, her eyes, and her intuitive sensibility. Her work allows a place to unfold, a place to build, a place to reveal and essentially cries the poetry of life.

Harrison creates a sense of openness and breath, light and history. Her images are imbued with a power that is both accessible and universal at their core. As you observe her work, time moves with you and you find yourself in a place where moment and memory meet. The work of Sabrina Ward Harrison invites liberation and inspires a thriving life.

Beautiful writing, beautiful work, beautiful life. Wow.

Again, click here to watch The True Living Project. (And enjoy it!)

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