Monday, December 7, 2009

Blissful Monday: week 5

Good morning, my friends!

Here we are on Monday again-- let's make this a good week, what do you say?

I skipped my Bliss List last week, so I'll make this one extra good. :) The time since Thanksgiving has been quite nice around our house, so there's much to be grateful for:

1. 3 days away in Asheville, NC with my husband was the BEST. We stayed in a gorgeous house in the mountains, built fires in the evenings, snuggled up in the cool weather, slept later than we normally do, and had fun exploring a new city.

{That's us at an amazing waterfall in Highlands, NC-- definitely worth seeing if you're in the area!}

2. My Cyber Monday Sale in my etsy shop was a huge success!

3. To celebrate the success of my sale, I finally bought my dream boots. They are supposed to arrive today (I ordered them from Piperlime), and I'm practically jumping up and down I'm so excited! Now, I am not a shopper, and I hardly ever spend money on clothes or shoes or anything, so this was a big deal.

4. We put up our Christmas tree! Tonight we are going to watch The Grinch (the Dr. Seuss version, of course,) which is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

5. Spring was launched, after months of talk between Michelle, Carolyn, Jess LC, and me. The response has been beyond what we'd hoped for for our first episode, and I'm so grateful and excited to be part of this project with these inspiring women!

6. Pumpkin pie. Need I say more?

*Please feel free to share what's on your bliss list in the comments!*


  1. love those boots!

    and pumpkin pie :-)

  2. Who cares about Spring? Did the boots arrive?!?!?!?!