Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight Tale: by Linda Plaisted

I'm so happy I somehow got connected to Linda Plaisted in this big blogosphere. Her work, firstly, is gorgeous, and secondly, this holiday tradition that she's created for herself is so, so touching. (And let me just say again how gorgeous and amazing I think the print above is. I can't stop staring at it.)

She says:

I believe in abundance. I grew up without a lot of "things" in my life, but I always had love and safety, encouragement and above all, hope. Ultimately that has made all the difference in my life as an artist. That is why for the past five years it has been my tradition to offer a Limited Edition holiday print, the proceeds of which are donated to charity. Last year's edition raised almost $1,000 to help victims of domestic violence through Heartly House, a program that provides safety, hope, and compassion to women, children and families.

This year, I am offering a digitally-signed, limited edition 11 x 14" print on matte archival paper at a special price to entice gift-giving and thoughtful gift-keeping! I will be happy to ship your print anywhere in the world to anyone you choose. To make the deal even sweeter, through December 13, all prints in my shop are 20% off, including this one. It's my way of saying Thank You to my wonderful clients, customers, colleagues and the universe at large for supporting me in pursuing my creative dreams.

This piece will only be available through January 10, 2010 and then retired in this size and finish, but anyone could also choose any piece in my shop and just send me an email to let me know you'd like the proceeds donated to charity and I will be sure to add the funds to the Heartly House total.

I get so much joy and peace from creating my work and I just want to give a little of that back to people who don't yet have the same opportunities.

How incredible is this? What a generous gesture. I can imagine how good Linda feels knowing that her generosity is making people's lives be a little better, especially during the holidays. We need more people like Linda in the world.

So, please head over to her website-- do you have an art-loving friend or family member who might like to own this beautiful print? Or any other piece of Linda's work? What a way to not only give a gift to someone you love, but also a gift to someone you've never met and who needs a little bit of help and love.

*Thank you, Linda, for letting us know about your abundant outlook and wonderful tradition!*


  1. Wow- that is a great tradition and has inspired me. And that print is unbelieveably fantastic.

  2. Thanks again SO MUCH, sweet Jessica, for sharing my print yesterday! I think you and I have quite a bot in common in the way we view this world. It's good to be amongst friends creating positively!