Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do Your Bit Jewelry: by Chrissy Foreman C

Australian artist Chrissy Foreman C is someone whose enthusiasm for all that she does oozes out of the computer screen. Every time I get an email from her it's filled with joy, and I can tell from the many projects that she is a part of that she truly loves spreading creativity and love as far as she can reach.

So I'm thrilled that she emailed me to share her line of eco-friendly jewelry, called Do your Bit, with us. She says:

One thing that there is an abundance of on our planet is WASTE and what better way to support the planet by snatching beautiful materials before they become landfill and transforming them into something unique! It’s kinda like alchemy!

Everything I create is made using salvaged materials such as fabric and leather off-cuts, plastics, computer wire and other wired and wonderful stuff that I come across (I admit all have new clasps, metal bits and/or sterling silver earring hooks ‘cause I feel that’s important in creating high quality pieces that last).

I feel a real rush and connection to ‘something good’ while I’m making them and I feel that each one quickly takes on its own personality in the process, hence why they all have their own names. It’s one of the ways I do my bit and share my commitment to nurturing our beautiful, abundant planet.

Inspiring, yes?
Check out more from Chrissy (and purchase from the jewelry line) on her website, and also visit her blog. You can also purchase the jewelry at Reverse Garbage in West End, Brisbane

*Thanks so much, Chrissy!*

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