Wednesday, August 26, 2009

abundance: by sheri gaynor

If I had wings, I think I would want them to look like that. Are those sequins? I certainly hope so. I love sequins. In fact, I used to use sequins in my artwork regularly. Maybe i should start doing that again.

Anyway, Sheri Gaynor sent this image over
from the Deck of Transformation in my book Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the life of your dreams through art to remind us to be grateful for the little things in life. I want a deck of transformation-- that sounds fabulous!

What are you grateful for this morning?

Here are the little things I'm appreciating:

*feeling sore from the gym yesterday and knowing that my muscles are happy and growing stronger

*bananas ( i love bananas!)

*cooler weather in the mornings these days

*vivid dreams

And here are all the places you can find Sheri and her work:

-Her book
-Sign up for her monthly newsletter
-Her Creative Awakenings Salon

*Thank you Sheri, for sharing your lovely work with us!*


  1. walking on the beach at dawn in deep, meditative sheri's work...

  2. Thank you SO much for the blog love! This is a wonderful place to hang out!


  3. what a coincidence! a friend gave me a copy of sheri's creative awakenings book this week as a gift and i just love it!

  4. Oh I want to read that book! Thanks for the links. It is the little things that bring the most gratitude. Like my beautiful cat who is on my lap keeping me warm and cozy as I type.