Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spring Soul: by Mandy Saile

A bunny!

This has nothing to do with the lovely drawing above by Mandy Saile, but I have a funny story about bunnies. I was out walking in my neighborhood one day with my hubby a few months ago, and I heard something rustling in the leaves in someone's yard. I got really excited and said "Look! A bunny!" It was, in fact, a squirrel, and not a bunny. So now, whenever we see any kind of animal out wandering around the neighborhood (I'm talking cats, birds, dogs, squirrels...,) Ryan says "Look! A bunny!" and he thinks it's the funniest thing ever. When we were on our honeymoon a couple weeks ago, we went to the Audubon Swamp in Charleston, SC, which in my mind is the least likely place to see a rabbit, but I saw one, really and truly, and said "Look! A bunny! No, for real, a BUNNY!" That was also quite humorous to us.

So, Mandy is probably annoyed by now that I'm taking up this whole post by writing about Ryan and I acting silly. :)

She created this drawing in colored pencil (holy time-consuming! Wow. That takes some skill, people.) She says it is about
"abundance in simplicity, abundance in our natural surroundings, and just the whole soul fill up that rabbits, animals and nature can provide for us."

You can find more of Mandy's work on her website, on her blog, and in her etsy shop.

*Thanks, Mandy, for sharing your work with us!*


  1. Oh wow thanks Jess for using my image today:D This makes my day and bunnies stories are always welcome, ha ha...Be Well Jess Be Well...Mandy

  2. Good story- made me laugh. I love the silly jokes that stay in the relationship and keep making you laugh. I really like Mandy's sweet bunny. I checked out her blog and etsy shop too- great stuff!

  3. I love Mandy's bunnies and her illustrations. I have her "Pink Jinny" necklace and whenever I wear it I get a lot of compliments.

    I have a similar story to yours.... When we were in a flower shop my hubby pointed at a geranium, and with a serious face asked the sales person what that was. I looked at him in disbelief, but it turned out he really had no idea. Since then, if he doesn't recognize a plant he always says "it's a geranium!".

  4. Ha ha Jess~I love those little stories! Lovely illustration