Friday, August 28, 2009

Berries: by Susie Lubell

I love fruit. In particular I love summer fruit. I don't eat berries nearly often often, though, and this gorgeous photo is reminding me of that. I love a good berry. :)

Susie Lubell says this of her photograph:

"I took some pictures this weekend while I was solo with my kids and I just feel like this one of my son is magical. He's holding olallieberries. Not exactly an abundance, but to him it's a lot. Because they're not even ours! They grow from a neighbor's bush over our fence so whenever we get a few we feel like we won the lottery."

I can completely relate to this! My husband's parents live in southern California, and their neighbors have an avocado tree. Whenever we go to visit, they pick a few off the tree for us to take home, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Free avocados, direct from the tree? Yes please.

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*Thank you, Susie, for sharing your photo with us!*


  1. Oh the abundance of fruit on the trees! That is definitely an abundance I have unexpectedly had in my banishment to Florida. (oh did I say that? that's not positive thinking.) While living here, I've been able to pick from the tree a whole host of fruits: sugar sweet pink grapefruits, beautiful and exotic starfruits/carambola, the wonder and valuable lychee nuts... so valuable that somebody came in the middle of the night and stripped the whole tree just when they were at peak leaving not one spiky, tangy, sour-sweet fruit for us. OH NO! I've been watching the mango and the avocado tree, but they have not been abundant, except in shade. And then there's the keylime tree, which is more like a treasure hunt when we find a ripe fruit. But those make wonderful margaritas when you get them fresh off the tree-- so juicy!

  2. Y'know, I haven't had blueberries all summer because Luke thinks they're evil. Yes, my 32-yr-old husband hates blueberries so much he thinks they're evil. I think I need to buy some before they're out of season & know I get them all to myself! Mmmmmm.....

  3. wow- her work is super cute! I put it in my favorites for when I need a great kid gift. This photo reminded me of when I was little and my mother used to give us little bowls for collecting berries and we would come home and eat them with milk :) It was great fun. Have a happy weekend!