Wednesday, August 19, 2009

love life: by inkblok

this is so true.

don't you think?

sometimes i forget this principle, and i get mired in worry. i am always in awe of people that are so clearly in love with their life, just because they are alive. i want to be like that. i want each moment to be a magical wonder. is that cheesy? i want to connect with life in a more profound way. i want to love it all and be grateful for each experience. i mean really grateful-- like, feeling grateful and not just saying i feel grateful. does that make sense?

how do you love life? how do you want to love life?

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  1. I just love this! And yes, you totally make sense!
    I also had a blog post about it last month:

  2. What a fabulous sentiment! And I love the color you picked out; hopping over right now to see what other colors it comes in :-).

  3. Great message... I want to love life by stressing less! At the moment that's easy as I'm on holiday... not so good once I'm back at work though!

  4. Sometimes i have to grit my teeth when the challenging parts come. I do my best to love all parts of my life. I figure in the doing it gets easier.