Tuesday, August 18, 2009

falafel for the soul: a new blog for free encouragement

lesley sico, of 315 thomas, started a new blog to spread free encouragement called 'falafel for the soul.' now, i love falafel. in fact, it's pretty much one of my favorite foods in the world. it''s definitely one of my favorite parts about traveling, because most large cities seem to have delicious and inexpensive falafel all over the place. (the best i've had was in amsterdam. now i'm getting hungry, and i just ate breakfast!)

so anyway, falafel in this case means little notes of encouragement. lesley's project reminds me of things we forget (another post it note project, which i posted about a few months ago)-- i think it's just such a magical idea to leave lovely notes for people to find out in the world. i imagine that on more than one occasion they've changed the course of someone's day. words are powerful, my friends.

{lesley was inspired by jeff and erin's free encouragement project from several months ago and is using some of the submissions they received as the subject of her notes!}

so, go check out lesley's new blog! it's making me smile just thinking of people finding her sweet notes.


  1. how awesome is this......love it and it made me smile today! xo

  2. thanks so much for posting about my new blog, jess!