Monday, August 24, 2009

you're not a real shark

good morning, dear pecannooters!

monday monday monday. i like the beginning of a new week. it's ripe with possibility. i'm incredibly excited this week because i'm going to start coaching with michelle ward (of when i grow up)-- i have some old patterns of thought that i *really* need to let go of, and i think michelle is going to be huge help in transforming my beliefs and thoughts! (oh, and you should read her blog. it's amazing.)

so, this funny little illustration is a beginning to my thought transformation. the "shark" can represent fear. or doubt. it's all an illusion (thus the shark costume. not a real shark. get it?) the fear, the doubt, the worry... it only seems real because we believe it to be real. what if we chose to not be afraid of it and let it stop us from living the life we dream of? what if we simply decided to believe something different?

this is what i want to do.

**what are the sharks in your life that just might not really be sharks at all if you take a closer look?**


  1. Cool - hope the coaching works! I know I have a lot of sharks to get rid of...but one of my sharks is lack of motivation and the fact I don't think I could do it...oops! Good for you! :-)

  2. Yes, doubt, worry and fear- all the same- I dont want it to stop me either. Great illustration- have fun exploring all of the during the coaching.

  3. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I saw I got a bunch of people onto my blog from here, & I was like, "Huh? What? I must've posted a great comment or something!" But yay for outing yourself as my coachee(y'know, if you let the blogosphere know you are super accountable) & for creating this amazing pretend shark. I loves it.

    And in answer to your question (Such a great one!), the shark in my life that might actually not be a shark is my Working for The Man Shark. That's the shark that tells me that being my own boss is super duper frightening & super duper unstable. With the way the economy is, & people I know getting laid off after DECADES with the same company, I know that's not a real shark!

  4. Thank you for posting this great question and the rad "Lady in Shark's Clothing" illustration! I love it. I fully support working with a life coach. A year ago I signed up for eight sessions with a wonderful woman named Laura ( and then eight group sessions turned into meeting once a month for the rest of the year. My shark was not believing that I could work as a professional artist/writer because I'm not trained in either of those things. I had a bad case of imposter syndrome - like one day someone would take off my mask and say hey that girl can't even draw a horse and I'd be outed! But I'm working through all that with the support of my coach, my people and other artists making their way. To the point where I quit my day job despite the gnarly economy and I'm painting and raising my kids and I'm keeping the sharks at bay. Mostly.

  5. I love this shark and the funny octopus.

    my shark is money, I think. money and being a business woman and stepping out there in the "real" world where people pay for things so they must be real and not pretend. yeah, that didn't make any sense. my shark is pretty confused.

  6. you and michelle will make a fabulous team! what a great pair of minds!