Monday, May 11, 2009

fruit market: by gina o-brien

one of my favorite things about traveling in europe is the outdoor fruit and vegetable markets, so when gina o'brien sent over this image of a fruit market in barcelona, i was immediately reminded of my own travels through europe and lal the delicious food i ate from markets like this. oh, how i love to travel! (and oh, how i love to eat! hee hee)

gina says:

while traveling in barcelona in 2006, I visited the most fantastic fruit market. there was variety, and quantity, but most importantly, there was artistry behind these produce displays. i have never before seen so many wonderful colors in one place. while most talk about the architecture in barcelona, the memory of this fruit market will forever bring a smile to my

isn't that such a lovely memory? you can see more of gina's lovely photographs in her etsy shop right here.

*thanks so so much to gina for sending this beautiful photograph over for us to oogle at!


  1. what a gorgeous display. so pretty, i would be tempted to leave it alone, and go elsewhere to buy my fruit :) i wonder if this vender sells much.
    thanks for sharing

  2. An abundant display of eye candy :). Thank you!

  3. yum i wish i could reach in and eat some of these lovely fruits..

  4. What a lovely photo! The colors are so vibrant! Luscious indeed! :)