Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i need your submissions!

my dears, after a swarm of submissions during the beginning of pecanoot's life, i am running low now! i need your submissions!

if you are a fan of pecannoot, i'd love it if you'd consider posting about it on your blogs and helping to get more artists and creative people involved. and if you are a creative person yourself, please feel free to send over your images! paintings, drawings, photographs, collages, sculptures, videos, links to images that have inspired you... whatever!

let's spread the word! i want abundance to run far and wide. :)

thank you!


  1. Hey Jess. I'd be glad to work on something else for your site, and I will definitely keep spreading the word. Everyone should know about Pecannoot :)

  2. Jess I'd really like to contribute too and yes I'll put another link in of my future posts fer sure!

  3. Hi Jess,

    I'd love to contribute a poem--what are your thoughts on that? I know it's not image-based, but the theme could still work?

    Either way, I'm totally happy.

  4. send them over, ladies! And I'd definitely post a poem if there were am image of some sort to go with it.... maybe you could partner with someone? :)

  5. i just discoverd your blog and think it's FANTASTIC. a daily dose of inspiration for sure.
    i will absolutely post about you on my own blog.
    i am a jewelry artist but i have a line of mixed media pieces coming out this summer that i would love to submit... any chance of that!?

  6. doh! i have been meaning to get something to you... time to stop procrastinating...

  7. I don't have anything to submit right now, but I will work on something. Meantime, I'll definitely blog about it.