Tuesday, May 5, 2009

rian lougheed-smith

rian lougheed-smith sent me a link to her work a few weeks ago, which is posted over at feelsgood, which rian tells me is "a networking site set up by artists, musicians, and other abundant folk in new brunswick, canada."

these two pieces were my favorites from her page.... i'm amazed by that watery, glowing feeling in the piece above, and the image of the sparklers making heart shapes is just beautiful. it makes me want to celebrate all the special little moments in life.

check out the rest of rian's work on her feelsgood page, as well as the rest of the feelsgood community!

*thanks, rian!*


  1. Love, love, love the sparkler picture!

  2. That painting has such a self comforting/ love, peaceful feel to it. These images are a great way to start my morning :)

  3. Oh wow..the sparkler picture is great. I would love to capture something like that. Just perfect.