Thursday, May 28, 2009

paintings by leigh madeiros

leigh madeiros is one of my favorite people in the world. the funny thing is, i've never met her in person! you know when you just connect with someone instantly? that's how it was for me with leigh. she owns yes gallery & studio in warren, RI (where i show my work), and i'm beyond excited that i get to finally meet her in just a few short weeks when i travel to rhode island for my show at yes gallery ( it opens june 19th! eek!)

leigh says she doesn't make much art anymore (i think she's pretty darn busy with her amazing gallery!), but she created these pieces last year and sent them over for us all to enjoy. don't they make you want to lay in the grass and watch clouds on a warm summer day? i love them so much. they're just so peaceful and pretty and calming.

if you are in the warren, RI area
(near providence), i *highly* suggest stopping in to yes gallery and chatting with leigh. and if you so desire, i'll be there on june 19th, so you could stop in and meet both of us!

and feel free to leave lots of comments on this post telling leigh she should start making art again. maybe if we badger her enough she'll do it! hee hee...

*thank you, leigh! xoxo*


  1. Leigh- Your paintings are really lovely- the composition and colors are wonderful! I especially love "Waiting"- maybe because it is so hard for me to do and your artwork makes it look easy and peaceful :).

  2. oh, these are just fabulous! yes, leigh you should definately paint more!

    and congrats and good luck with your show, jess! i know it will be a success!

  3. These are so beautiful! Duh Leigh should keep painting!

    The gallery looks amazing, too. Wish I lived closer to Rhode Island!

  4. gosh, Jess, i had no idea that Leigh was a painter!! i'm a little shocked right now, but it makes perfect sense. she's such a wonderful person, i'm so happy to have seen her work, thank you for sharing!

  5. LOVE these paintings, yes Leigh, please paint more...

  6. Leigh, your work is so delightful! Just really uplifting and bright. I hope you get the chance to do more in the future, we would all be grateful! Wish I could go to Rhode Island to see the Gallery and meet you two!

  7. Well, I am cyber-blushing. Thanks all for the really nice comments about my work (and the gallery!) Hope to see you all at Jess Gonacha's show.

    - Leigh