Thursday, May 7, 2009

limiting beliefs

i'm reading a book by wayne dyer right now, and last night i came across this idea. it hit me in a different way than ever before-- some limits just seem like THE TRUTH, yes? you know, just the way it is.

but what if it isn't? what if everything you think is the truth is actually just something you've come to believe for one reason or another in your life? what if you just changed what you believed, because you wanted something different?

what if instead of believing the common notion that most artists never make a lot of money, and instead believing that we are entitled to make all the money we desire doing what we love?

what if we let go of all our crazy beliefs about money and saw it for what it actually is- a tool to use to make our lives more comfortable. we have so many beliefs about money.... ick.

what "truths" in your life can you see as just beliefs that you picked up somewhere along the line of your life?


  1. Wow, this is a good point you're making-very inspiring....I'll have to think.... I guess I have a hard time being a workaholic-which sometimes keeps me from enjoying life.. My parents were always stressed about making ends meet. Too much fun meant that you may have been slacking off on surviving. They didn't teach that, but I think I interpreted it that way. So lately, I am learning to enjoy life to the fullest, which is something I didn't really understand when I was a kid.

  2. Thank you. I needed your post. I forget sometimes that I'm running the show, not someone else. And I can DO ANYTHING I WANT!

  3. I love the statement, "change what you believe, because you wanted something different". Sooo many internal messages I could apply to that. I would lose a lot of self doubt and maybe be more willing to take a step.

  4. I think therefore I am... so many beliefs I've had to change over the years! It's actually why I became a therapist, my therapist helped me change some WHOPPER "truths" and I thought to myself, if I can help just one person do the same thing in their life - I'm golden!!

    love this post!!

  5. Yes indeed! The beliefs that shape our reality, are just that, beliefs. And if one belief is valid so is another. Why not choose the beliefs that suit us? It makes much more sense. Thank you for this :)

  6. yup - this fits perfectly with the quote "learning too soon our limitations, we never learn our powers."

  7. You bet. It sure is true. We totally have the power here.

    I've done pretty well at getting rid of a lot of the long held beliefs that have held me back. Money is the biggest bugaboo, though. I've come a long way with my limiting ideas about money, but I still have far to go.

  8. Whoa.

    You're amazing, Jess.

    I recently went through something similar, when I realized I was offering EVERYONE I knew - and they knew! - discounts for my services. I mean, not "Tell your friends to say you sent them and they'll get 10% off", but like "You want to coach with me? And you're unemployed? And you know my husband?'s $35/session?" My rate is $75! And they didn't even ask for a discount!

    Yes, I want to help people & I want to make it affordable, too. But goshfreakindarnit, I need to leave my day job & support myself with my coaching - and I'll never do that on $35/client a week! Once I realized that helping people does not equal giving away my services - and the sessions actually hold more value to both of us when they're, uh, highly valued - then I was able to keep my mouth shut when the next client knocked on my door.

    Besides, how can you help others when you aren't helping yourself?

  9. Great post, Jess! I was just thinking about limiting beliefs earlier today. Actually I was just thinking of them as old, no longer helpful beliefs. Let's shed them! :-)

  10. I love Wayne Dyer, and love that you are reading his book. Is it the new "Excuses Be Gone" one?