Friday, May 29, 2009

ordinary enchantment: by marcy hall

as someone who recently got a pet (we got our sweet kitty, anika, just 4 months ago!), i am already well aware of how easy it is to get attached to our sweet little critters and how much they add to our lives. i am *beyond* obsessed with anika, and i think i must give her about 200 kisses a day!

so i was touched to hear from marcy hall when she emailed to tell me about her etsy shop, which is dedicated to our sweet little fur balls.

she says:

my etsy site, Ordinary Enchantment, is all about abundance -- the abundance that is the love of our animal companions.

I am trying to concentrate on creating a wide variety of affordable memorial works or "icons" so that even when our animal friends leave their fur suits to enter, what I like to call, their sparkle suits, we can stay in touch with an image that represents all they gave and continue to give to us.

how great is that? sparkle suits! i love it. i think this is such a sweet way to commemorate a dear friend. be sure to check out marcy's etsy shop, website, and blog!

*thank you so much, marcy!*


  1. I love Marcy's art - came here via a Twitter link from her partner, Christine (who also has a blog). Now, to have a look around here at your's. :)

  2. oh fantastic. and what a beautiful way to put the passing of our little fluffy friends.