Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2010 'Make Your Year Abundant' calendar!

You guys, I'm so excited! My 2010 'Make Your Year Abundant' calendar is in my etsy shop and ready for pre-order. Ca you believe it's September and calendar season already? Whoa.

So, I don't want this blog to be about me trying to sell you things at all, but I'm *really* excited about this calendar, and I thought you would like to know that it's available, just in case you want a little dose of abundance to look at each month of 2010. :)

And, I'm having a little contest-- each person who pre-orders a calendar by the end of September will be entered into a drawing for one of two free calendars-- that means you could give one as a gift and keep one for yourself! Nice, right? Everyone needs a calendar. Everyone needs to be reminded of the abundance in their lives. Perfect.

I hope you like it!


  1. jess these calendars are too lovely for words. great work! im trying not to spoil myself too much because i like to be surprised each month with a new page. i'll def have to pick up a copy soon. xo

  2. Yes, please! I am so gonna order one & hope to win another. 2010 is the year I'm gonna start coaching full-time, & seeing your changing artwork near my desk each month will be an inspiration!