Wednesday, September 23, 2009

practice practice practice


Last night I was messing around with my wacom tablet, as I really want to get better at using it. I love drawing things in my sketchbook, but I loathe scanning for some reason. To eliminate scanning drawings as much as possible would be ok with me! So, I've been practicing with my tablet, and trying to giggle at my results rather than judge myself too harshly for not being instantly perfect at using it (which I, of course, expect of myself. Sigh.)

Here is what came out of my practicing last night.I like the idea of practice, because somehow it takes some of the pressure off of creating masterpieces. I'm just learning!! How amazing that we get to learn whatever we want in this life!

What are you practicing these days? Are you judging yourself too harshly over something? How do you appreciate the process of practicing? Share in the comments if you'd like!


  1. you've inspired me to get my wacom tablet out! great job!!

  2. ooo...I've always wondered if using the wacom tablet is just like sketching...only directly onto the computer. I would so love not having to scan things as well :P Lately I've been practicing watercoloring, fooling around! I think it can be liberating to try brand new things, because anything goes.

  3. I love the wacom...I have a really great one at work- I can just draw on the computer screen, rather than the tablet. Don't know how I will manage without it if I ever go freelance! They really just take practice before it seems like second nature!
    Good luck- practice without pressure is always good!

  4. i love it. i've used a wacom tablet before, and it definitely takes some getting use to.