Friday, September 11, 2009

And Just Like That They Were Gone: by Nessie Noodle

I love this photograph. I love how it's blurry on the left side and very focused on the other. I love the texture of it. It's making me hungry, too.

Nessie says:
At first glance this photo might seem like a strange submission for a website that focuses on "abundance", after all it is an empty bowl. How is that abundant? But think about it for a second, let your mind imagine the big, round, juicy black berries that filled that bowl, the hands that picked them fresh from along the river bank, the earth that grew them with out the help of any human- I would say that looking at this empty bowl with those images in mind make it not so empty . (Plus look at that color that is left behind, beautiful!) Sometimes it isn't what is left that matters, it is what we got to enjoy that does.

Makes sense to me. It's hard not to appreciate your food when you think about all that it took to get it to your hands and mouth. Pretty incredible, eh?

Check out Nessie Noodle's flickr photostream here and also the blog!

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  1. i love nessie's work - and this photo especially grabs me. someone obviously enjoyed every bit of what was in this bowl - and if that isn't abundance i don't know what is!