Monday, September 28, 2009

i love you cards

Happy Monday to you, my dear readers. I wanted to share this project with you, which I first came across a while back, but I just rediscovered it last week.

Heidi Geldhauser created You can order 20 cards for $5.00, and then she urges you to leave them around the world for people to find, to give them to friends and family-- in general, to spread the love far and wide!

Her website is full of images of how people have used the cards-- it's quite inspiring.

I'm going to order some. Yes indeed. I want to be a part of this love spreading.

ps- Heidi has the cards available in a multitude of languages. How cool is that?


  1. Do you know Kind Over Matter? They produce cards, too, & encourage you to "drop" them in public places. Their cards are usually free to download. Super awesomeness:

  2. ahhh i'm totally getting some of these!