Thursday, September 3, 2009

Linda Drake's abundance

Linda Drake sent this over to us because she wanted to share her symbol of abundance.... much needed in my world these days! I have trouble remembering to live simply, and I let things get all jumbled up in my head. I forget that the future is all an illusion, and that this moment is the only moment, RIGHT NOW. When I can come back to the present, I can breathe deeper and simply live. It's nice when that happens, isn't it?

To check out more if Linda's work, you can go to her etsy shop, her blog, wholesale catalog website, or her other design blog.

*Thanks, Linda!*

ps- Linda lives in Glenwood Spring, CO, one of my favorite places that I used to like to go while growing up in Boulder. It's a beautiful mountain town with the most wonderful hot springs. Oh, I'd love to be there right now....


  1. Oh thank you Jess! I am honored to be in your blog! And, it's so delightful to find out you grew up in the Colorado mountains! I do wish you were here today. Fall is in the air and reminding me to relish every sunny warm day in my garden. The apples are ripening and I am looking forward to making an artful apple pie.

  2. Okay. there must be something in the ether today, because I've read 3 blogs on my google reader and they've all been about traveling light, living simply, and making do/making stuff.

    Maybe this is where my head needs to be. :)