Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fairies: by Courtney Benton

This is the artwork of Courtney Benton. She is a 29-year-old autistic artist, and she creates these fairies "to help people with problems ranging from romance to stress. She puts positive thoughts in her fairies to help people in certain areas... She believes each one can help people with certain things in life (anything from insomnia to needing romance) and often makes them custom for people if they are having trouble in a particular area."

Her sister helps her run the etsy shop, but Courtney creates all the artwork and has the ideas for different products. AMAZING, yes? This just makes my heart sing. And, 10% of each purchase goes to the Autism Research Institute, so a purchase not only supports Courtney in her creative endeavors, but also autistic people worldwide.

Please please please check out this shop today-- Courtney's fairies are just so wonderful, and there are many others besides these ones I've featured. I've got my finger on the purchase button for the Positive Thinking Fairy above. Or maybe this Happiness Fairy. I can't decide!


  1. They are beautiful - I love them all! will go check out Courtney's shop.

  2. This is so cool. I can feel the positive vibes coming from Courtney's paintings.

  3. Love this, Jess! I just ordered Courtney's angel in honor of International Angel Day tomorrow. :)

  4. these are fantastic! thanks for sharing.