Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i am magic

I've had a very contemplative few days. It all began with an evening talk and then a Fire Starter Session the next morning with Danielle Laporte. Then I had a little epiphany in the shower the other night, which is where the idea from yesterday came from.

I realized that I AM the universe. If I can step back and out and see myself from a very far away perspective, then I can see that I am ultimately a piece of this vast swirling energy, whatever it is. Not separate from it, but actually IT. It's one of those pieces of awareness that's now sort-of going in and out of my head-- one minute it makes perfect sense, the next it's gone and I'm confused.

But I realized that we're all part of the magic and unknown that is our universe. It's all just energy. We are made of and came from that energy. And we all have a responsibility to use that energy to move in a positive direction. (Mind you, people don't HAVE to use it to move in a positive direction, but if we don't, then we're helping the entire universe move away from peace and positivity. That's a lot of power and responsibility! Don't you think so?)

I feel a little funny even posting this, because it feels a little lofty and weird to me, as well as a bit vulnerable/scary to put out there (you all might think I'm weird! You might judge me! The horror...), but I've felt really GOOD the last few days because of it. I feel things shifting, and I like it.

So I just wanted to tell you that YOU are magic. Maybe you already know this, maybe you don't. Maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about. Maybe you're smiling and thinking "How cute, she's right at the beginning-- I realized that a long time ago." But I feel like I know it at a deeper level all of a sudden, and it feels important, and that feels like a real gift.

So how are YOU today? Please do tell. I'd love to hear. :)


  1. beautifully said and beautifully drawn. and isn't it interesting that these revelations can shift in our minds from day to day, from moment to moment even. i love how you think so intensely about these types of things. that's why your illustrations are so full of soul - there's a lot of energy behind them.

    hugs to you today :)

  2. and THANK YOU for not requiring those word verifications. those things are starting to drive me bonkers!

  3. beautiful! I love how you described the knowing is moving in and out- making sense then not. I get that completely.

  4. You are not weird at all, Jess. I feel the same way. We are magic full of stars, sun, moon and sky. We can do so much yet limit our own power.

  5. Awwww, I knew my awesome readers would relate. You all are the best!

  6. How am I? Magic! Love it.

    I never thought of it like this. Usually, I see the universe & the stars & think the opposite: I am nothing. I matter not. But to think of yourself as The Universe - & not in a gross, egotistical way - is so empowering & special.

    And BTW, I am not crying. Yet ;)

  7. I started on this journey a couple of years ago. My head knows that what you say is true - but I haven't quite reached the point of my heart and soul believing it too. Congratulations on getting there - not easy, I know :-)

  8. Some days this definitely makes sense to me. As small as we are, it's all relative: we can be small, we can be big... we can take control or we can relinquish our hold on the world.

    It reminds me of the way I feel every time I hop onto a playground swing... I wrote a little "poem" about it once:
    swinging bring everything back into perspective.

    it's just you, and the sky. and the sky makes you small, and when you're small, your problems are even smaller. and the world spins underneath you, and you have total control of its speed.

    so you're big. you're in control of this world, your world. you can make time faster, slower. you control how much the world spins.

    so you're small, and your problems are small. and you're big, and you have control. and you're beautiful, and smart, and cute, and clever.

    and once you've gotten hold of all this, you can release yourself from the chains, inside and out, and be free.

    thank you for these thoughts; I'm having a really stressful week at school and you've helped me remember that I am in control of things, and I can choose how I react to what's around me.

  9. Yes! I feel it, too. And I feel equally looney saying/blogging it out loud. I think the best part about these types of epiphanies is that they tend to spiral back around, so we'll "get it" again, and deeper next time.

    Yay for discovering awesome new blogs!

  10. You all are to amazing. Thank you for your thoughtful comments-- you mean so much to me!

  11. Oops, I meant TOO amazing. I can spell. :)

  12. You are right..........we all are amazing magic, swirling energies all connected...light and love ....powerful magic.....so very true.

    I love your blog...