Friday, September 4, 2009

sitting on a rainbow: by jess gonacha

Good morning, Pecannooters!

And happy Friday before a 3-day weekend-- do you have any fun plans?
Me-- no super fun weekend-y plans. I'll be getting ready for Renegade Chicago, which is next weekend and is a totally fun plan! I'm sharing a booth with my awesome friend Kurt, and it's going to be a blast.

I got to thinking last night while talking with my coach that I don't appreciate the amazing things I have in my life often enough. I mean, I appreciate them on some level, but I'm talking like REALLY, deeply appreciating them. (Strangely, though, I do appreciate my cat this way daily. I look at her all day long and am amazed that such a furry, adorable, sweet little being lives is in my house with me. Sometimes I feel like I love her so much that I want to cry. Sometimes I feel that way about my husband, too, which is a good thing.) :)

Anyway, I got to thinking that it's like I'm sitting on a rainbow, and yet I don't really even realize I'm sitting on a rainbow. All these pieces of my life fit together to form MY LIFE, where I get to make a living as an artist, and live with an amazing, intelligent, caring, and funny man, and i have everything I need and more, and I eat delicious and healthy food, and I have the most comfortable bed to sleep in, and I have friends and family (and even an in-law family!) that love me and that I love back, and this incredible network of people that I've come to know through blogging and etsy and twitter. What a rainbow. Yet so often, I don't even think about these things. Instead, I focus on what I don't like about my life. What would happen if I focused more on what I do love about my life, and just let the rest fall into place as it's supposed to?

So, out came this little drawing. (And, I must say, I wish I owned that dress.)

What rainbows are you sitting on that you've forgotten, or that you're not paying attention to because something else seems more true, or because you are believing something about your life that you picked up somewhere and would really like to let go of?

Just something to think about this weekend. :) Comment away if you please!

*I'll see you next week, my friends.*


  1. Thank you for these lovely thoughts. It's so easy to fall into the negative sometimes - turning the tables and thinking about all the good things is a great perspective! Have a fab weekend!

  2. I like your lady sitting on a rainbow. We attract what we focus on. Focus on all the good you have and more lovely things will be sure to follow, Jess.
    When I get all negative, I do my best to breathe and switch gears in my head. Think of something totally different from what's upsetting me.

  3. I feel the same about my cat, he is so big and mushy, and so sweet. It is a strange thing that this animal lives with me!

    I think it's important to be aware of living, as much as you can, in every moment. Many times I will be on the subway and feel so annoyed at the people crowding me, or the jolty motion of the train. At some point, though, I stop, and remember how lucky I am that I have the job I am going to, that I have a lovely home and boyfriend to see at the end of the day. It let's me unclench my jaw, and let go.

  4. Funny that you talk about these things. Today I was searching for some blogs that would give me some good advise and be uplifting and optimistic. I had remembered Michelle's blog and clicked on yours from hers and to my surprise here are some more optimistic words to be reminded of. I just saw a rainbow outside my window yesterday and had to run and get the camera to take a picture. The rainbow to me means that God is sending me a blessing and what a glorious life it is. Happy Weekend!

  5. Why do you always make me cry, Jess? I swear, I don't know what it is, but it's gotta stop :)

    I love the thought of sitting on a rainbow. But, since the rainbow is underneath you, it might be easier to focus on the clouds & the rain coming from above! Don't forget to look down often.

  6. Jess, your whole post spoke to me. It's as if you've jumped into my heart and expressed my entire life and everything in it. You are a real gem my firend. I'm so glad we're connected in blog land
    C xox

  7. :) always good to think about the happy things in your life....and I think that happier thoughts come along with fantastic feathered hats.
    I feel the same way about my dog and fiance!

  8. Jess, omg I didn't see this earlier. I SO love this drawing. I love the image of sitting on a rainbow- I get where you are coming from. I have been working on appreciating what I have truly and deeply- it is too easy to get caught up in what is missing. Incidently, I too feel that with my cat and dog (and husband sometimes!)that makes me want to cry :) Great post.

  9. love the drawing Jess and love the thought.......thanks again for the inspiration!

    love, violette