Friday, October 30, 2009

Decomposing Leaf: by Victoria Bennett Beyer

When I opened my email inbox to find that someone had sent me an image this beautiful, I was filled with gratitude. The detail in this decomposing leaf is astounding. It amazes me that things that seem so simple, like a leaf, are really so complex.

Victoria Bennett Beyer is the special someone who sent me this photograph. She says:

"I've been saving this leaf since last winter and I just photographed it yesterday.

The delicate patterns that nature riddled it with as it decomposed are overwhelmingly beautiful to me. But it is more than just that. I think this image, this leaf, reminds me that there is abundance always, even in the letting go and the leaving. What was left behind - the little bits of leaf that are gone - change its nature and make it even more beautiful."

Such insight. I like thinking about people this way-- as we get older, pieces of our youth fall away and our nature changes, but maybe what we are left with is more beautiful, just like this leaf?

Boy oh boy is Victoria talented. There are a number of places where you can find more of her gorgeous images:

*Victoria's website
*Her blog
*Her photography etsy shop
*her paintings etsy shop

*A big thank you to Victoria for sharing this beautiful photograph with us!*

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