Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mandalas: by Lisa Baus (Purple Bears)

I love mandalas. I love the singular focus of them. They are a prayer. They ask you to calm down a little. They ask you to be grateful.

So I was extra pleased when Lisa Baus sent over her lovely mandalas for us to enjoy. Here is what she says about them:

In particular, my mandalas affirm one particular positive word/intention/energy. It's amazing, as I create each piece how the books I pick up, the songs I hear, the TV shows I watch, and the people I talk with would all bring up that one word or concept. This didn't just happen with one mandala - but all of them. Like attracts like. Scientifically and spiritually sound principle.

Check out Purple Bear [my etsy shop] for color pictures of my mandalas. If you would like coloring pages, I have those available as free downloads at

I think they're just lovely, and I'd like to have something like this next to my desk to remind me to focus on the positive and what I want to bring into my life, rather than what I perceive that I lack.

Because our lives are all perfect circles, just like the mandala, if you really think about it.

*Thank you so much, Lisa!*


  1. I love mandalas, and the spiritual aspect, and these examples are beautiful! I'm going to check out Lisa's website now.

  2. I LOVE mandalas too. Hers are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

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