Friday, October 16, 2009

SAY YES: by Gustavo Pedrosa

{image from Gustavo Pedrosa's flickr photostream}

One of my pieces of homework given to me by my coach for the week is to think about how I can say yes to life. I make excuses for why I don't want to do things, even about things that I actually do really want to do! It takes a lot more energy to get things done this way, and it's certainly not very inspiring, and I end up feeling like a whiny drama queen.

So! This week, I'm going to say YES.

What excuses do you make that keep you from saying yes to YOUR life?

Some of my most frequent excuses are:

- I'm tired
-I don't feel as good as I could (or "should")
-What does it matter anyway?

As you can imagine, all these excuses are motivation and enthusiasm suckers. And that's not cool with me!

I want to say a big fat yes and have awesome and inspiring days. It sounds much better than wandering around complaining about being tired. :)

What excuses do you want to give up so you can say a big fat yes this week?

{ps- I'm going to Boulder tomorrow morning (for yet another wedding(, and I won't be back until Tuesday night, so I'm taking a mini blogging break. I'll see you back here on Wednesday!}


  1. Yay for saying YES! And what's a big part of that? Having fun. That's right, children. I make you say "Yes" & have fun. I'm such a mean coach :)

    I would like to give up "I'm tired" & "I'm busy." Danielle LaPorte wrote a kick-ass post about it (but what else is new):

  2. I remember several years ago, my therapist had me say the word "NO" over and over in different ways, and then do the same with "YES." Yes feels a helluva lot better! :)