Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Never Too Late...

Sometimes I get myself down a little bit when I see really young people doing really amazing things. Like, 23 year olds doing things that I would kill to do. OK, well, that's a little dramatic-- I don't think I would kill to do anything. But you know what I mean. :)

So I'm happy for this reminder from the My Life Imagined blog this morning.

It is nice to know that there are people of all ages doing incredible things. What rock star thing do you want to do right now, today?

I hope you all have a magical weekend! I'm driving to Mississippi to go to a dear old friend's wedding, so that is sure to be an adventure! I've never been to Mississippi before, AND I get to drive all the way through Alabama! Excitement. I'll see you on Monday with stories to tell and photos to share!



  1. I can certainly the 40's roll around, I too wonder if my rock star days are gone...I guess not. Have a safe trip and a fabulous time! Congratulations to your dear friend.

  2. i didn't pick up a paintbrush until i was 40- i would have missed out on so much if i'd never decided to just see if i could maybe paint!it's never too late..... have a great trip-

  3. i literally want to be a rock star!! it's scary though, the older you get... the harder it seems to break into something new... and i'm only 25! thanks for this awesome reminder.