Monday, June 15, 2009

coming back to life: by jess gonacha

happy monday morning, everyone! did you have a nice weekend?

mine consisted of shopping for wedding clothes with my dear fiancé (i got the cutest dress ever! i'm so excited), going to the gym, a baseball game on friday night, a long walk in my neighborhood sunday afternoon, eating tacos, playing with my dear kitty, anika, redesigning my website (to be unveiled soon!), and other miscellaneous bits of work and making things. it was lovely all around.

this is a drawing i did this weekend, called "coming back to life." i'm not entirely sure what it has to do with my life at the moment, but it's something i can relate to in general. it's always an amazing (and relieving) feeling to come out of a funk and back into creativity, so perhaps that's what it means to me. i sort-of feel as if i've been in a funk since about february, creativity-wise. just stuck a little, maybe. so perhaps this is my psyche's way to help me "come back to life." who knows. but i do know that i always feel very grateful when that spark returns. i'm sure all you creatives can relate!

what about you? in what ways do you wish to come back to life? what stories do you have about it from your life? i'd love to hear!

*also, i need more submissions!! send them my way if you please!*


  1. Hi Jess- I love the piece! I truly believe the Universe speaks to us and it reaches us however it can. To me, your figure seems to be patiently waiting, KNOWING (crown chakra) there is something brilliant already within, but positively expecting something is coming down the path toward her.

    Here's my story... Last week as I worked on my artwork, I just got really STUCK and this is how I (the voices in my head) perceived it, creating have DEADlines ....what will she/he think?, it really SUCKS. I battled with the messages and with the artwork as if I could wrestle it into submission- this took HOURS. Mentally exhausted, frustrated and after whittling away at my self confidence with my distorted perceptions, I stopped. The voices followed me for TWO days until this whisper of a message came in....remember who you are (aka- amazing and infinite soul that KNOWS all is well). Oh, yeah- THAT. What might life be like to see life from this perspective always? What might a deadline look like? If other's opinions didn't matter? If I saw everything I created as amazing?

    To answer your insightful question....I wish to come back to life in this way- I want to see how my soul sees in every moment. I want my perceptions to serve me without all the drama! :)

  2. I love this lady, Jess! You can tell she's having such a lightbulb moment, but is also so pensive & secretive about it. I wonder what she's thinking...

    I'm creative in terms of my acting, & I love being involved in the shows that my hubby writes (I got to play Blanche from "The Golden Girls" last month!). But I miss the musical part of "musical theater" & feel the need to start singing again. It's been way too long. Since no musical shows are in my future, I gotta make it happen on my own terms. Now where's the number of my voice coach?...

  3. First: I would totally wear those pants.

    I'm so glad to hear that your creativity spark has fanned back into a flame. This lady is serene, but with a light in her eyes--just right.

    Thank you for encouraging the rest of us, even when you've been in a funk yourself. Please know that you're a source of much inspiration--whether it's your work, or someone else's you're sharing. I'm so grateful to have found your site.

  4. I love the phrase "back into creativity." It captures something about not just getting back to creating, but getting back to living a life of creativity.
    Your work is wonderful.

  5. Jess- I totally understand where you are coming from when you say you have been in a funk, oh and I love this new girl!
    I have always seemed to go in spurts with my creativity. While I was pregnant a few years ago I made two paintings the whole 9 months and no fabric on wood work. The funny thing was they are two of my favorite pieces I have ever done. Then once my son London was born it was like the creativity switch/desire came back and I could not cut wood up fast enough. I think in the mist of those funks I always know the spark will be back (at least it always has so far). When it flares up I have a stack of wood and piles of fabric ready. ha ha
    Also, I am always so grateful when I get commission pieces because I thrive off those details someone else wants me to create. I get to see their vision and make it my fun!

  6. I would like a social life to come back to life. I've been here in Florida for a year and a half, and I've been parenting little ones for 4 years. I feel like all of my ties to other people have been severed. Or if not severed, they are all just so far away!

    I want to find a better place to live where I can develop a community of like minded folks.

    Is this what you were asking? Coming back to life, external life.

    It's all been so internal and immediate.

    I'd like to see the horizon again.