Wednesday, June 10, 2009

strawberries: by emily harris

continuing in the "food i love" theme started yesterday, i give you emily harris' *adorable* strawberry pattern. isn't it completely sweet? i want a little apron made out of this pattern. i would cook in it every day! my words to emily: get thee to spoonflower!

emily really loves pattern design (which i can completely understand-- it's quite addictive!)
she says:

I have had such a bad attitude about so many things lately and making patterns is something that I can feel good about. I am always questioning myself. Whether I am good enough etc. and when I am working on a design like this, I can kind of tune out some of that negative background noise that always seems to be floating around in my head! Also, I wanted to submit this because I really like strawberries! I made this while thinking about the upcoming strawberry picking event that I go on with my mom every summer-- good times!

it's like emily plucked thoughts right out of my head! i don't know about the rest of you, but getting lost in making something is such a good feeling, and it really does help tune out the crazy, unhelpful thoughts that seem to be constantly swirling about. i concur, emily!

do make sure you check out emily's website and blog (design gossip)-- she's quite the talent!

*thank you so much, emily!!*

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  1. What sweet strawberries, Emily. Looking at this made me very happy.