Tuesday, June 2, 2009

this tree is free: by chrissy foreman

i'm completely enamored of this painting by chrissy foreman. much of it, i think, is the color combination-- i love seeing how other artists combine colors, because it's often so different from how i combine colors, and it really inspires me. for example, i rarely use that ultramarine blue color in my work, because i have a really hard time figuring out how to combine it with other colors in a way that pleases me. and now looking at chrissy's gorgeous painting, she makes the use of the color seem so effortless! i love that little bit of orange on the top right.i think that makes the entire painting for me.

anyway, chrissy really makes beautiful work, which you can find on her blog.
(she's working on a wonderful mural right now, too, which you can see right here.)

*thank you so much, chrissy!*

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