Wednesday, June 3, 2009

live*lovely dress shop (Emily McCall)

The dress above just makes me want to garden. What a perfect dress to do practically everything in-- garden, cook dinner, run errands, check email, lounge on the couch.....!
Emily McCall makes dresses (and sells them in her etsy shop called
live*lovely) which are meant to be worn everyday.

she says:

I wanted to share with you my own way of expressing abundance. I make dresses. I'm not sure if pictures of them fit in with your other material, since I know you usually post visual art. But I truly do make them as an expression of one of the ideas that brings the most abundance to my life--that I am a daughter of God and that he has called me and all women to reveal beauty to his world! My dresses are meant to worn in everyday life, not just special occasions, so that even the normal days feel very lovely.

My dresses are meant to be feminine and pretty but tough enough to stand up to a day's work or play. So many dresses out there are either too dressy or too revealing to wear unless you aren't going to do much other than pose. These dresses are for a living a lovely life in.

I make my dresses in the sunny front room of my house with my pup Lucie for company. I can only sew on my days off from my other job (nursing), but I love watching sheets of pretty (and plain) fabric become transformed into the dresses I imagine. I hope when women wear them they will feel motivated to do something similar--put their hearts and hands into work that makes the world a more beautiful place.

i think they are just adorable, and they look so comfy!
check out emily's etsy shop, where you can pick up an abundant dress of your very own, and also her blog (where there is a sweet picture of a teeny frog at the top right now!)

*thank you, emily, for sharing your beauty with us!*

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  1. Ooh - I am LOVING these dresses! I really could do anything in one of these!!!