Thursday, June 11, 2009

you make me smile: by rachel ballard

Rachel Ballard has 2 gorgeous little girls. Perhaps you've seen their photos here on Pecannoot? (and here on Pecannoot, too!) They are *lovely*, and the photos that Rachel takes of them are lovely as well.

So here is Rachel's sweet story behind this adorable camera drawing:

I have a large collection of cameras. I have some of them displayed throughout my house. My youngest daughter asked if she could play with my cute little Savoy camera. She looked through it and asked me to smile. I had an urge to draw her a picture. So this is what I drew.
We printed it out and hung it in her room. : )

So sweet.

Please be sure to check out Rachel's work (she is an amazing photographer) on her website, blog, and in her etsy shop!

*Thanks, Rachel!*