Tuesday, June 16, 2009

did you have too much sugar?: by nadia bt nizamudin

i'm totally crazy about this drawing by nadia bt nizamudin. and i love the title. i don't really eat sugar (besides natural sugar, because i do eat a lot of fruit!), but i do know that feeling of having too much of something, like, say, coffee. sometimes it's fun!! yesterday i switched up my routine and went to the gym in the morning instead of the late afternoon, so i still had a bunch of coffee coursing through me, and it was a totally different experience!

nadia says:

'did you have too much sugar' was inspired by my boyfriend. we’d just started going out at that time, and he tells me wonderful stories of his kids – he coaches football for 5-12 year olds – and he told me about this one particular boy who just had too much of sugar and sweets that he became hyperactive during the training session. the story stuck and I felt that the line was appropriate with the abundance of lines and shapes I drew.

you can also find this drawing as a t-shirt design over at french for incredible, a label that nadia and a friend of hers started out of their love for doodling and color. check out their site-- they have some really cool stuff! and they are based in malaysia, which is extra cool.

*thank you, nadia!!*


  1. really wonderful! can't wait to check the t-shirt out...

  2. Oh - loving their French for incredible site! I think I need more sugar...