Thursday, June 25, 2009

the fish & the lotus flower mean abundance

i discovered this fantastic illustration on this fantastic blog de journey of an amateur artist/illustratorwhich was for a chinese new year celebration in singapore, and i'm totally in love with this artist!!

according to the blog, the fish and the lotus flower mean abundance year after year.

isn't it beautiful?

also, my sweet readers, i am leaving you again for another long weekend, this time to california to do some wedding planning. my wedding is coming up in just 5 weeks-- oh my!

so i'll be back here on tuesday with more posts. and maybe you'd like to use my second long weekend away to whip up some fabulous abundant images for this here blog?? what do you say? i'd love you forever! 

see you soon!


  1. Totally Gorgeous!

    Jess- happy wedding planning! Would love to hear how your opening in Rhode Island went!

  2. Wow- Love it! Good luck with your wedding plans :)

  3. Great find! Love the symbolism. All the best with your exciting!