Tuesday, June 9, 2009

sunday: by kathleen wheeler

kathleen wheeler sent this piece over for us to enjoy. she told me she's been out of commission for a while due to an illness, so the abundance in this piece is all the more relevant to her now.

she says:

abundance is relative. the sun shining, the wind blowing, seeing the ripples in the water, and the colors and textures of the sky fill me with gratefulness of a magnitude i've never known, now that I am well, and able to sense God's world around me, not only my small inner world of pain and distress. abundance was always as close as the air on my skin. now my eyes see clearly. every moment holds a joy to grasp and feel and taste and smell. life is good.

i'm so glad you're feeling better, kathleen! life is indeed good, you're right. :)
you can check out more of kathleen's images on her flickr page.

*thank you for sharing your work/play with us!

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