Wednesday, March 4, 2009

anything is possible: by sarajo frieden

sarajo frieden is absolutely one of my favorite artists out there. so imagine how excited i was when she sent this piece over for pecannoot!

sarajo created this piece the day after the amazing presidential election, but feels that it "reflects an idea we all need to be reminded of daily, especially those days when we feel like we're pushing an awfully heavy load up that mountain!"

i couldn't agree more.

if you've never visited sarajo's website, i suggest you go there right now, because it's amazing. and if you want this print as a daily reminder, you can pick it up at thumbtack press!

*thanks so much, sarajo! what an inspiration!*


  1. Oh, I'm a huge fan of Sarajo as well!!! And what a beautiful piece this is!

  2. Oh, I've never seen this artist before!
    I adore the artwork, it reminds me of doing crayon-paintings when younger and then painting a black layer over all the colors and then using a sharp object to get the black off in patterns.

  3. Her art is amazing. I often visit her site just for inspiration. Gosh, I'm starting to feel a little intimidated about submitting anything! You've got amazing pieces coming in.

  4. A pretty design. I agree wholeheartedly. Every day you always have good positive juicy artists and their work.