Wednesday, March 18, 2009

bulbous blossoms: by chrissy foreman c

chrissy foreman c is one of my favorite people i've met here in blogland- her enthusiasm for all she does oozes through my screen and makes me smile whenever i hear from her. so i was quite happy when she sent along this piece, with this fabulous description:

a while ago, i came across a weird pod-looking piece of jewelry and fell in love with it. i didn't know what it was at the time, but it was beautiful and organic and it both melted & stimulated my heart. a few weeks later i went to a dear friends' house, who had the 'real thing' lying on it's side on her bookshelf -- found out they were dried lotus flower pods! once again, I felt all gooey about it, and I drew it there and then at her house. my lovely friend gave one to me ~must've been those puppy dog eyes and drool.
so from then on, i associated this lovely natural item as a symbol of abundance, since it swelled my heart so. i loved to fiddle with the tiny seeds inside the surface wells, created to nurture & house each individual seed comfortably.
during my recent trip to thailand, i stumbled across an an entire bunch of freshly cut lotus pods, in delicious pinky~purply~yellowy~greeny~bluey~orangey hues. couldn't bring the bunch home with me so decided to take a piccy, with a view to paint them when i got home.
i love that I felt so inspired by something already existing to the point where i just had to reproduce it myself. usually i like to make my own stuff up because when i do, i feel like an inventor or creator of something new that never existed before I assembled it. in this case, i felt like i was emulating God's-own masterpiece. the process was lovely!
so now, abundance hangs in my lounge room to remind me every day of the beauty in the world and inside me as well. i love creativity!!

do check out all 3 of chrissy's blog: her main blog, her kids blog called 'creative kids oasis', and her 'intuitive essence art' blog.

*thanks, chrissy!*


  1. This is SO pretty and extremely well executed in a design sense: intricate, beautiful, colorful, organic. I love how she says "delicious pinky~purply~yellowy~greeny~bluey~orangey hues". HEY...those are my favorite colors too :) Thanks for the post Jess & sharing Chrissy!

  2. Gorgeous! Happiness oozes from this painting and the description :)

  3. Very pretty, interesting color!!!

  4. this is lovely! i have a lotus in bloom tattooed on my leg and it represents my abundance to me :)

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