Friday, March 27, 2009

let it all go: by jess gonacha

i'm working hard at this one, people.

here are some of the things i'm trying to let go of:

-limiting thoughts based in past experiences
-fear of money (BIG one for me)
-feelings of lack and not having enough
- making myself into a victim as an excuse for inaction
-feeling jealous of other people's success and creativity
- telling myself i don't have any good ideas
-giving myself a hard time and treating myself harshly in my inner thoughts

and what i'd like to replace these thoughts with:

- knowing that i have enough and have always had enough, so i will continue to have enough
- being grateful for everything, including the challenges in my life, because there is a seed of learning and transforming in them
- embracing myself as a soul in a human body
- knowing that money is not the most important part of life-- it is just what it is: a tool for us to use. plain and simple.
- believing ideas come through me, not from me, and being open to letting that happen
- being gentle with myself, and loving and accepting
- i am the universe, and the universe is me. the universe wants to help me on my path if i believe that it can.
- abundance, abundance, sweet abundance!!!

let this list serve as a reminder for me, to go back to whenever i get off course.
**what does your list look like? if you draw them, i'll post them! so we can all be accountable to keeping each other in abundance.**

i wish you all a gorgeous weekend, and thank you, as always, for listening to my ramblings on these topics. :)

{print available here}


  1. A lot of those I need to let go of too! Replace them with lots of abundance. Have a good weekend.

  2. this is a good one. we have to let go of all that stuff that clutters us up so we can accept the abundance.

    I need to think about this one... what do I need to let go of right now? what do I need to fill up with?

  3. i feel like i'm looking in a mirror when i read this post... thank you for putting into words my own heart for me to see right there in front of my own eyes...

    may you see in yourself what all of us graced by your beautiful spirit see with your open hearted sharing...

  4. wow, i have not had a good week and the second part has made me remember to appreciate all the good. thanks, jess! have a good weekend!

  5. i'm so glad this is resonating with you all. it's good to create reminders for ourselves, huh? :)

  6. I was thinking you're talking about me in this post! :) I have to learn to let go a lot of things...
    Happy weekend!

  7. Today I was trying to figure out a way my family and I could live off the grid or we could live in a hut on a remote island far far away because money issues having been giving me splitting headaches for the last couple of days, this is a great post to read and a very good idea. How much power and beauty is there in embracing that you are a soul in a human body. I'm gonna remember that one Jess puts a spin on my perspective Thanks girl! Have a fabulous week

  8. Great thoughts Jess, they all resonate with me too:) Have a great weekend:):)

  9. Yay...I can comment...sometimes it won't let me comment.

    Reading this gave me chills...seriously. Everything you said has so much meaning. This one in particular really made me think. "embracing myself as a soul in a human body" I've never heard it put that way, but how awesome when you really think about it.

    And...I LOVE that print...

  10. Wow..I feel like this. So filled with stuff and trying to let it go. I love how you countered all the heavy things with light and positive statements.

    Have a great weekend, Jess.

  11. Jess, God made you perfectly, just the way you are. He's always with you, even when you choose to ignore the fact and his dream for you is bigger/greater than anything you could ever imagine yourself. Pull your oars out of the water and ride the waves of the universe.

  12. This is wonderful! Thank you!

  13. Oh, this is fantastic. And I love the idea of drawing those things I want to remember. I'm gonna do that. Thanks for all the inspiration, Jess. You rock!

    As for your list. I could relate to it all and love you for sharing it.

  14. Yeah, oh my, and amen... I have been working on my own list in my head, and now am inspired to put it all to paper. Love that you rounded it off with what you want to replace the worry thoughts with, love that!

  15. I love your honesty in this post Jess

  16. You are not alone, Jess. I'm on my way too.

  17. I'm taking this seriously, Jess! What great questions. Unfortunately I'm not an artist (I live vicariously through awesome ones like you), but here are my written lists:

    Things I'm trying to let go of:
    - being a perfectionist
    - multi-tasking
    - "rushing" to get to my goals & missing the experience
    - really knowing that "busy" is not the same as "productive" or "successful
    - comparing myself to others

    and what i'd like to replace these thoughts with:
    - patience! Patience in knowing that I'll get to where I want to be, and allowing myself to experience joy throughout the journey
    - imperfection! I can start something & finish it without it being perfect while knowing I'm really, truly OK with not being perfect (because I am so not! And that makes me me!)
    - uni-tasking! experiencing one thing at a time, which should help with #1 also
    - "me" time! Taking it, reveling it, not feeling guilty for it
    - uniquity! I pride myself on my uniquity (yes, I made that word up)and yet I compare my success to the success of others. No fun.

    Thanks for all you do, Jess! And if you get harsh with yourself & think you have no ideas, come to me & I'll set you straight! :)