Saturday, March 28, 2009

vote for earth day my tshirt on threadless!

hi friends!

i have a quick weekend interlude-- i know this is not typical pecannoot post material, but i thought you might like to vote for my t-shirt design that i submitted to the "threadless loves green" challenge in anticipation of earth day. if i win, you'll be able to buy my t-shirt, and i'll win some cool stuff, too!

i'd love it if you'd vote for me. :)
if i win, i'll do a giveaway here for the t-shirt, i promise!

so get to voting, my dears! (check out all of the submissions here, and mine right here.)


  1. done and done. you know I voted for you!

  2. I will most definitely vote for you. I love it and would love to own one. Have a fun weekend!

  3. *LOVE* the design. Of course I voted for you :) Good Luck Jess!

  4. it looks great, jess! 'plant more trees' suggests abundance to me - i think it fits perfectly here!

  5. I think your design is by far the best one! Good luck!!!