Wednesday, March 18, 2009

cupcaprons: by glue & glitter

my friend becky of glue & glitter makes these *amazing* aprons that she calls cupcaprons (cupcake + apron... get it?), and they are all made of vintage and upcycled fabrics and recycled felt. aren't they adorable?

she said "nothing says abundance like a pan of vegan cupcakes!" and i couldn't agree more. in fact, i'd eat the heck out of one right now if i had one! perhaps i'll go check out my abundant stash of raisins instead. :)

you can get your very own cupcapron in the glue & glitter etsy shop! also be sure to check out becky's website and flickr page-- her goodies are just too delightful!

*thanks, becky!*


  1. Awww! I think that everyone needs an apron for cupcake baking- an activity that should happen daily!

  2. Adorable aprons. I wonder if she ones with chocolate chip cookies on them.

  3. Besides the fact that these are ADORABLE...can anyone actually *say* the word "cupcaprons"? She should absolutely have a YouTube contest where people videotape themselves saying it five times in a row.

  4. sweet & fresh...especially in the garden!