Tuesday, March 3, 2009

lovely reminders by shelley kommers

i think these two reminders from shelley kommers are just spot on- we are so lucky, aren't we? and the colors shelley uses-- *swoon*! they are mixed media collages made with vintage images, pencil, paint, and string, and just simply gorgeous.

(and just as a quick side note-- i feel so extremely lucky to be a part of this wonderful community-- so thank you all!)

please visit shelley's blog and etsy shop to see more, and if you are in the providence, rhode island area, shelley has a show up at yes gallery & studio right now (where my work is shown, too! coincidence!), and it looks just beautiful. go see it if you can!

*thank you thank you, shelley!*


  1. continually inspired by all these wonderful artists and varried mediums.
    So glad you are finding and rounding up all this talent. It makes my day a little lighter.

  2. What a wonderful blog with such truly wonderful and positive reminders and great design. Love what you're doing...


  3. it's so true and i often forget it. i love these illustrations.

  4. So, so beautiful!

  5. the first piece made me go "awwww..." it reminds me of my husband and i - his name is robin :)