Wednesday, March 11, 2009

stacy kathryn holst

this image makes my heart skip a beat a little, because this happened to me yesterday! ryan (my dear fiancé) came home and surprised me with flowers-- totally not normal.
granted, i had driven to rescue him earlier in the day when he locked his keys in his car, but it was a nice gesture, and i appreciated it!

stacy kathryn holst is the hand behind this sweet illustration, and she says:

"i thought the illustration related to abundance as its about the little things in life that we are abundant in, like love, and how we can share that with others in small ways.

i think it can be easy sometimes to take for granted the people that love us and that we love-- let's make a list of all the people we love and think of small ways that we can show them!

also, check out stacy's website, blog, and etsy shop-- they're all colorful and so sweet!


  1. what i love about this drawing is that they are looking in each others' eyes instead of the flowers, which tells me this is a very special relationship :)

    yay for your flowers! those little gestures do mean a lot - last year my husband sent me a dozen cookie roses 'just because' and it meant the world to me!

  2. This drawing made my heart melt. Sweet. I'm glad you had a real live moment like this yesterday, Jess.

  3. Thanks Jess!
    That is so awesome about the flowers! Don't you just love it when husbands bring flowers for no reason! :)

  4. This is how love should be....its a beautiful illustration...simply loved it! :-)

    Thanx jess for sharing...You are one lucky girl!